Gabions, or wire cages are closed cages made of galvanized steel rods and hexagonal latticed wires, filled in with rock.

Apart from the basic function to replace the retaining walls, the gabions are also combined in various types of security to provide stability of the slope.

There is a possibility of protection with Galfan – zinc and 5% aluminum alloy as well as plastification.

The displayed dimensions represent the standard gabion cages.

Europolis Plus manufactures gabions made of hexagonal mesh with triple thread of steel heavily galvanized wires (with tensile strength between 350N/mm2 and 550 N/mm2).

The standard gabion cages are of the following dimensions: the cells are between 80x100mm, the openings (cells) are 80 x 100 mm, the wire diameter is 2.0 mm to 2.7 mm (2.5 mm to 3.4 mm with PVC lining), and the minimum galvanizing is in accordance with the requirements of the standard SRPS EN 10244-2: 2009

Gabions meet the requirements of SRPS EN 10223-3: 2014 standard. We also offer gabions made of steel wire protected and 5% aluminum) with or without PVC lining.