Hexagonal Mesh for Slope Protection

The hexagonal mesh has a significant implementation in the protection of slopes, slides – in combination with anchors, steel ropes and reinforcement mesh (also produced by Europolis Plus), which successfully resolve the problem of the slope stability.

Apart from this purpose it may be combined with polypropylene meshes for grass hydroseeding.

The diameter of the wires from which the mesh is made is 2.0 mm to 2.7 mm (from 2.5 mm to 3.4 mm with PVC lining), while the edges for reinforcement end with a wire with a diameter of 2.4 mm to 3.4 mm (3.1 mm to 4.2 mm with PVC lining).

The openings (cells) are hexagonal in size 80 × 100 mm.

In its range of hexagonal mesh, Europolis Plus offers galvanized (Zn or Zn95Al5-galfan) mesh, with or without PVC protection.