Lattice Girders

Lattice Girders are produced from ribbed concrete steel of B500B quality with three or four supporting longitudinal bars which are put together with space diagonals by an appropriate welding process (MAG).

Centering- Mountain, made of segments of IPB profiles arched bent with welded connecting plates.

Europolis Plus produces all types of grid and IPB tunnel retaining walls according to the specifications and needs of the customers and is the only one in Serbia with the licence for producing these products, thus there are no rival manufacturers.

Tunnel retaining walls in combination with the reinforcement mesh and the concrete form a homogeneous composite.

The parts of the reinforcement assembly are quickly and easily connected at the site. The joints are of L profile or rectangular plates with screws, nuts and washers.

The welding process is certified according to SRPS EN ISO 3834-3: 2008 standard.

Advantages of using Lattice Girders are:

  • easier and faster installation
  • reduced need for human resources
  • no investment in special equipment
  • assumes the role of a carrier immediately upon installation
  • saves material, time and money