Pile Cages

The pile is the supporting element for the process of supporting forces through the soil.

Piles are a type of foundation that transfers load from an object through surface layers of soil with low bearing capacity to deeper layers of soil with good bearing capacity.

The length of pile cages is 12m, while the scope varies from minimum size of 200mm to maximum size of 1500mm.

The bar from which the piles are produced abides by the standards related to the upper yield strength ReH (min 500 N/mm2, and max 650 N/mm2), tensile strength and yield strength ratio (min 1.08%) and total elongation at maximum power Agt (min 5%).

Pile Cages of various shapes can be produced In the Europolis Plus factory.

The machine for pile cages in Europolis Plus (Stema – Denmark and Mep – Apparecchia- tura Elettrica Matricola) is equipped with a robot for welding and fully automated welding functions management, operating of both discs and automated spiral folding (from Ø 6 mm to Ø 16mm).