Steel Reinforcement Mesh

High quality Europolis Plus reinforcement mesh is produced from the Europolis Plus smooth or Europolis Plus ribbed cold rolled steel wire crossed under a right angle, and then connected with electric resistant welding at the junction point.

This mesh, apart from the top-quality mechanical characteristics, is especially characterized by the weld quality provided by the specifically constructed machine for this new type of electric resistant welding.

Regardless of the manner of handling Europolis Plus reinforcement mesh, especially during its loading, transport and unloading, there is no possibility of fission in the welding.

Reinforcement mesh is produced on the machines of the most renowned manufacturers in this field: Schlater Switzerland, EVG Austria, Teurema, Vitary.

Europolis Plus welded reinforcement mesh is made of:

  • Europolis Plus smooth cold rolled steel wire, EŽG B500A, ø4 – ø12 mm diameter;
  • Europolis Plus ribbed cold rolled steel wire, EŽR B500A, ø4 – ø12 mm diameter.
  • The mechanical characteristics prescribed by the SRPS EN 10080:2008 standard are:
  • Conventional yield stress Rp02 – min 500 MPa; max 650 Mpa;
  • Tensile strength and conventional yield stress ratio Rm/Rp02 – min 1.05 (1.02 for measures below 8 mm);
  • Total elongation at maximum power Agt – min 2.5 % (1.0% for measures below 8 mm).